Who's it for?

Art Therapy can help people of all ages and backgrounds meet the challenges of life. You may just need some focused time for yourself to sort out a particular issue.


Issues may include:

Anxiety                             Confusion                           Anger

Depression                        Self esteem                        Trauma


or life experiences:

Addiction                          Eating disorders                   ADHD/ADD

Physical Disability             Learning Disability                Asperger's

Autism                             Mental Health                       Abuse

Bereavement & loss          Relationships issues             Divorce        

Terminal illness                 Ageing


Art therapy with children.


Using art in therapy has proved particularly effective with children, Art therapy builds on a natural activity of childhood to help that child explore their experience and unblock the damaging effects of trauma. Art Therapy can also help identify the causes of learning difficulties that may be affecting classroom performance and impacting on development.


A working relationship with parents or carers is established alongside the therapy work with child clients.



Richard Day
Art Psychotherapist 


Practice based in West Cork and Cork City Ireland



Tel: 0876 933 236





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