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Cost of services
  • The pre- meeting to discuss therapy costs €30. The payment arrangements for the programme will be agreed at the meeting.

  • Sessions are calculated on a hourly fixed rate (see below).

  • Fees are based on IACAT rates.

  • The rates include the cost of materials.

  • Additional professional meetings or reports may be charged (see other services)

  • Any concessionary rates need to be negotiated at the outset of therapy.



 Private Individual sessions
  • Standard rates start at €65 per session 
  • Lower rates will be considered for those on low incomes
Group Sessions
  • Rates will be set dependant on the size of the group and duration of the programme.
Other Services
  • Agency Referrals will be costed and agreed by contract.

  • Professional meetings €25 +travel

  • Professional reports €50 - €150 

  • Supervision  €50 per session

  • Presentation  €50 + travel

  • Workshop programmes will be costed on a bespoke basis.

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