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What is Art Therapy?

Reframing life's experiences
Since pre-history the use of pictures and symbols has been an important way for people to understand their place in the world.   More recently modern Psychology has recognised how  symbols help in developing language and understanding; Freud  explored  his client's dream images with them, while Jung  showed how deeply rooted symbols are in forming our unique relationship with life. Art therapy is founded on what images can hold and contain for us.
Art Therapy first developed  in America and the UK after the Second World War. It is now an established profession and supporting people across the world.
How does it work?

Some people find it hard to express their feelings, particularly when faced with challenging experiences. Art Therapy is a way of realising and moving on with our life stories. Making images can help make feelings and fleeting thoughts concrete. The trained therapist  helps the client to explore their work in a safe and confidential environment. The therapist aims to help guide the client to greater self awareness and an understanding of the choices in their lives.


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